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The purpose of Malaysia Centre for Culinary and Gastronomy Research and Development Centre (MaCCGRaD) is to promote research, training and development, product innovation, consultationand commercialization of foodservice, culinary and gastronomy products for the  Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management.

This CENTRE will provide great opportunity for learning, training, research and consultation for the university and the community at large. The department of Culinary Arts & Gastronomy and Department of Foodservice Management in a joint effort are collaborating with the experts from the industry to enhance the delivery of knowledge and information to the individuals and community. Thus, this helps to promote positive relationship and corporation between the faculty, industry, and the community.

MaCCGRaD will strive to become a centre for reference and research expertise in the field of culinary, gastronomy and foodservice and being recognized nationally and internationally. This Center of Excellence is here to assist in producing graduates of Bachelor Degree and Master in the area of Culinary, Gastronomy and Foodservice that have the capability to lead a research in the field of social sciences in culture, food and product innovations.


Malaysia Centre for Culinary and Gastronomy Research and Development (MaCCGRaD) is formed with the aim of carrying out the art and science of cooking and good eating through research excellence, innovation, training and consultancy and worlwide accreditation contributing to the hospitality industry and national development.

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