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Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts (JTHCA), an international-refereed journal, aims at initiating and stimulating hospitality and tourism-related discussions among the academic community, managers, and decision makers both in the private and public sectors.

Journal of Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary Arts

The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia is proud to announce the Hospitality and Tourism Conference (HTC) 2019 in the Historical City of Malacca with the theme “Sustainability, Safety and Security (3S): Crunch Time Ahead for Hospitality, Tourism, and Travel Industry”.

The 3rd Hospitality and Tourism Conference (HTC) 2019

iFaTIIC is organized by the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). The focus of iFaTIIC is aligned with the National Higher Education Strategic Plan's third thrust which is Enhancing Research and Innovation among Malaysians.

International Food and Tourism Invention and Innovation Competition

Kongres Makanan Warisan merupakan agenda Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel dan Pelancongan, Kursi Institusi Raja-Raja Melayu, Universiti Teknologi MARA dan Jabatan Warisan Negara, Kementerian Pelancongan, Seni dan Budaya Malaysia dalam mewujudkan kesedaran dan keperihatinan terhadap makanan warisan Melayu.

Symposium Kongres Makanan Warisan 2019 Tema : Definisi dan Identiti


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Prof. Dr. Hj. Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norzuwana Sumarjan

Deputy Dean
(Academic Affairs)


Dr. Ahmad Esa Abdul Rahman

Deputy Dean
(Student Affairs)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Hafiz Mohd Hanafiah

Deputy Dean
(Research and Industry Linkages)


After 36 years of building the culinary and gastronomy empire, the year end of 2011 marked the challenging academic excellence when the Centre of Excellence for Culinary and Gastronomy undertakings is formed. This center is entrusted with the research, development and innovation of food products and the training of learners for the food and beverage division.

The key personnel in the Centre comprised of academia from the Centre of Culinary Arts and Gastronomy from UiTM Shah Alam, UiTM Penang Campus and UiTM Trengganu Campus. Among others, the Creative Scholar and Fellow Academia are selected among the well-known and experienced Chefs from the industry and the scholars from other Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia.


The purpose of Malaysia Centre for Culinary and Gastronomy Research and Development Centre (MaCCGRaD) is to promote research, training and development, product innovation, consultation and commercialization of foodservice, culinary and gastronomy products for the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management

This CENTRE will provide great opportunity for learning, training, research and consultation for the university and the community at large. The department of Culinary Arts & Gastronomy and Department of Foodservice Management in a joint effort are collaborating with the experts from the industry to enhance the delivery of knowledge and information to the individuals and community. Thus, this helps to promote positive relationship and corporation between the faculty, industry, and the community.

MaCCGRaD will strive to become a centre for reference and research expertise in the field of culinary, gastronomy and foodservice and being recognized nationally and internationally. This Center of Excellence is here to assist in producing graduates of Bachelor Degree and Master in the area of Culinary, Gastronomy and Foodservice that have the capability to lead a research in the field of social sciences in culture, food and product innovations.



Malaysia Centre for Culinary and Gastronomy Research and Development (MaCCGRaD) is formed with the aim of carrying out the art and science of cooking and good eating through research excellence, innovation, training and consultancy and worldwide accreditation contributing to the hospitality industry and national development.



To emphasize on the excellent achievement for the development of knowledge, community,   and nation through research, training, development and product innovation, consultation and promote good linkages with the industry specifically in the area foodservice, culinary and gastronomy.



To become a center of excellence in the field of culinary, gastronomy and foodservice; and the core business of the center will focus on intellectual and leading expertise in the area of researching, training, development and consultation in the field respective field.



To elevate and enhance the knowledge and expertise in the field of culinary, gastronomy and foodservice through research, training & development, consultation, and professionally engaging in corporate social responsibility in a professional and ethical mannerism.



Area I - Research, Training and Consultation

  • Research in Social Sciences on Food and Culture (Master/PhD)
  • Food And Beverage Training
  • Professional Programs (Master Chef Accreditation)
  • Training And Development

(short courses/ modules on pastry and bakery, western and eastern cuisine)

  • Consultation

Area II –Product Research, Development and Innovation

  • Product Research
  • Food & Bakery Product Development
  • Product Commercialization


MaCCGRaD Organization Chart (click here)