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Programme Description :

The Master Program by coursework is designed to train individual or industry professionals seeking to advance their careers.  This program prepares students for middle and upper level management positions in the broad realms of hotels, resorts, restaurants, food service, tourism and gastronomy related fields. Students are expected to augmenting managerial competencies, analytical, organizational skills and the ability to anticipate, decide and solving matters in situations related in his or her professional fields. The length of study is 1 ½ year for a full-time and 2 ½ year for a part-time basis. Successful completion of an approved subjects leads to the award of a Master in Hospitality Management, Master in Tourism Management, Master in Foodservice Management or Master in Gastronomy.



  • Able to demonstrate proficiency and continuously seek knowledge pertaining to hospitality and tourism realms     
  • Able to examine mechanisms and techniques employed in the management of hotel, convention and meetings, tourism or food service facilities.
  • Able to analyze contemporary issues related to hospitality and tourism areas and undertake suitable actions for organization and society well-being.
  • Able to conduct research on problems in the hospitality and tourism industry and disseminate research findings by writing abstracts, manuscripts, and other documents and by making professional presentations.
  • Able to Work collaboratively with colleagues to accomplish mission, goals and objectives of organization in performing managerial tasks to meet organizational and industrial challenges and demands with ethics. 
  • Able to demonstrate positive attitudes and work values, and recognize the impact of hospitality and tourism industry in a global, economic, environmental and society context and the ability to take social responsibility. 
  • Able to acquire hospitality and tourism management information through various sources such as the library or information technology to enhance knowledge and information gathering critically for life-long learning commitment for continual professional growth.
  • Able to competently illustrate entrepreneurial skills through management designed to make strategic decisions and develop effective solutions for hospitality and tourism organizations. 
  • Able to demonstrate leadership characteristics and professional behaviors.



Masters by Coursework

i .  A Bachelor degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.75, as accepted by the Higher Education Provider Senate; or
ii .  A Bachelor degree not meeting CGPA of 2.75 but above CGPA of 2.50, can be accepted subject to rigorous internal assessment; or 
iii .  Other qualifications are accepted by the Higher Education Provider Senate

Duration of Study

 Master by Coursework   Full Time  Part Time
 Max Duration of Study   4 Semester   10 Semester 

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