HM110 - Diploma in Hotel Management

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Diploma in Hotel and Catering was introduced in 1967 at Jalan Othman Campus, Petaling Jaya.  It was the first hotel program offered by Institution of Higher Learning in Malaysia and today it is regarded as the nation’s leader in its field.  In 1975, the diploma program was renamed Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management and later in 1988 the program was renamed Diploma in Hotel Management.

This programme is designed by combining classroom theory along with practical experience. In collaboration with industry players, the Faculty has created a curriculum that aligns with the most recent needs of the industry.  Included in the curriculum is the internship program that allows students to get hands on experience.  The students are expected to complete a total of approximately four months training in the industry before they can graduate to make sure each student is adequately prepared to join the hospitality world by the time they graduate.  As part of the curriculum, the students are needed to complete certain courses in practice labs.  The facilities available will ensure the students to meet the industry’s demand for well-rounded graduates with technical and interpersonal skills. This program is currently offered at UiTM Penang Campus and UiTM Terengganu Campus.


At the end of this program students should be :

1.  Able to acquire the knowledge in the operations of hotel industry.

2.  Able to perform operational tasks in housekeeping, front office and food and beverage departments.

3.  Able to identify and solve task related problems.

4.  Able to use appropriate, professional written and oral communication skills.

5.  Able to work effectively as a member of a team, serve clients and customers.

6.  Able to demonstrate ethical behavior throughout the learning process.

7.  Able to use technology to achieve operational efficiency and engage in life-long learning.

8.  Able to act effectively as an individual and in a group with management entrepreneurial capabilities.

9.  Able to apply leadership capability in work situation.